Group Bookings at West End London Comedy Club

Group Bookings: Book now, pay on the night

If you are arranging a night out for 10 or more of your friends, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you. Our group booking system does not get any easier. Just call or email mike and he will reserve you your seats for the comedy show. All you then need to do is turn up on the night, pay £10 cash on arrival and enjoy the show. We ask you to arrive for when the doors open at 7pm (the show starts at 7.30), and your seats will be reserved for you so you will all be sat together.

There is no deposit needed, and you do not need to pay for everyone up front (and then spend forever trying to get the money back from them!).

To book call Mike on 07568 352828

Stags, Hens & Birthday Partys

Well behaved stags, hens and birthday groups are welcome at Piccadilly London Comedy Club Two.
What do we mean by well behaved? We expect your group to respect our comedy club, the comedians and most importantly the other members of the audience. We want EVERYONE to have a great night out, so here are some examples of what we will not tolerate…

  • No shouting, jeering or disruptive behaviour.
  • Do not talk amongst yourselves while the comedians are performing.
  • No abusive language
  • No fancy dress
  • No strippers, hunky fireman or midgets (yes, this did actually happen once).
  • Phone off during the show please.

What we are saying is… don’t be a bell-end.
Many west end comedy clubs take a behaviour deposit or do not allow stages & hens etc. We believe that asking people to be reasonable is far fairer. We want you and everyone else at our shows to have a great time. We love a good heckle, and are more than happy to “feature” your best mate in the show. But our audience have paid good money to watch a comedy show, and do not want it ruined by idiots.

In five years of running Piccadilly Comedy Club, we have run this system successfully. It has proved very popular with groups. In those five years we have only needed to throw out three groups for bad behaviour. But we did, and we will again (and there is no refund) if we deem it necessary.

We hope you book with us and have a great time. Please just remember to respect the audience and comedians while you are there.

Piccadilly Comedy Club London