Markus Birdman

With over 15 years worth of experience, Markus Birdman has earned his reputation as one of the very best stand up comedians around.
He has gigged extensively abroad, from Hong Kong to Estonia,  Norway to New Zealand and pretty much everywhere in between.
He has also racked up a vast array of TV appearances. They are as diverse as The World Stands Up (Paramount), Heaven & Earth (BBC1), How Not To Live Your Life (BBC3) and Son Of A Preacher Man (Radio 4), and that’s just scratching the surface.

But it live in the settings of a comedy club that Birdman really comes to life. He is sharp, slightly rude, intelligent but most of all very funny. You really should check him out.

Birdman is the all-round package; witty, controversial, hip, topical, silly. A master of timing and physical comedy, he made me laugh so hard it hurt.” BBC