Carl Donnelly

Featured Comedian: CARL DONNELLY

Carl Donnelly appears on Saturday 13 February. Carl was nominated for the Fosters Comedy Award in 2015. He has a wealth of stand up comedy experience and has appeared on Mock The week, Stand Up For The Week, Russell Howard’s Good News & Dave’s One Night Stand. He really is not to be missed.

Carl is what those in the know (?) would call an observational and story-telling comedian. Though that is far to easy and lazy a catagory to put an act as complex as Carl Donnelly into. True, he does mine his own life for a fine array of stories, and he does also talk about the world around him, and is one hell of a story teller.

His tales are always hilarious, often quite dark and he always never comes out of them particularly well. Carl is engaging and extremely funny company. An act who may have tipped for the top for a long time, but still has somehow managed to get there without anyone noticing.  You would do well to spend some time with him soon.